Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg


Vote Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg for THPRD in the
May 21, 2019 election.

I am ready to represent residents of Beaverton and unincorporated Washington County as a director for Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District.


Why I’m running

Accessibility and Affordability

THPRD’s scholarship program does amazing work to help our under served communities. I’m excited to partner with the district staff on their goals to make this fund even more utilized and available.

The THPRD activity guide is full of fun ways to spend time, but I’d like to see it specifically focus on how to be more inclusive. This may mean noting when classes are accessible for various physical abilities, or even if an instructor speaks more than one language to make a class available to more participants.

Dog Parks

THPRD maintains over 2,000 parks and trails in the district, yet there are only three off leash dog parks. I want to partner with the community to find the best options to open more off leash dog parks within the district boundaries.

For dog owners and non-dog owners, having a safe place for dogs to play off leash is important. Dog parks are also an important part of a healthy community.

We can also preserve our natural areas by designating spaces that are appropriate for our four legged friends.

Adult Recreation

THPRD’s programming focuses on family recreation, but over 50% of the population in Washington County does not have children. I would like to see updated programming to meet the changing interests of active adults in addition to the great family offerings.

Many adults are training for events that include endurance and obstacles, and our district should be welcoming and ready for the changing recreational needs of the adult community.

Additionally, making sure our active senior community has appropriate facilities is important in promoting lifelong health.


THPRD has a direct impact on the lives of the people of Washington County. I will make sure the voters’ voices are heard in the district’s decision making.

— Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg